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About Psychedelicat

Rebsie Fairholm and Marvin B. Naylor began working together in September 2018, and have been busy in the studio ever since, recording new songs for the first Psychedelicat album. Marvin, who was once signed to Polydor but has since released six of his own albums, is an exceptionally gifted songwriter and guitarist who writes his own unique shimmering 12-string psychedelic-pop. Rebsie has released two albums of psych-folk which tends more towards the dark and weird with her unique and haunting voice.


The first song we worked on was the medieval magical English ballad called the Corpus Christi carol, also known as Down in Yon Forest. We're now putting the final touches to our album which will be called Like A Delicate Psychedelicat. The album name  actually came first, and we decided to name ourselves after it – having initially released some singles under our own real names.

"a lovely set of psych-influenced folk, its heart very much in the 1960s."

                                                             – PROG Magazine

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