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A twilight winter walk on Chosen Hill, looking down at the lights on the edge of Gloucester. A taut-strung horizon. Nodding wildflowers lighting dusty spaces. An Old English invocation to the powers of nine herbs, spoken across the echoing breadth of 1000 years.

Bright Hucclecote began with a dreamy drone made by Rebsie playing her Telecaster with a cello bow. One bowed psaltery, an Echorec and several mellotrons later, it turned into a full-on musical recreation of a UFO taking off, complete with a real Anglo-Saxon magical spell.


If you've ever wondered what might have happened if Shirley Collins had wandered into a 1967 Pink Floyd freakout, well ... maybe something like this.

A song based around Marvin's Spanish guitar with luxuriously layered harmony vocals.

Our debut single Ark (b/w Promenading) is a jolly and jangly five and a half minutes of lush psych-pop. Both songs are written by Marvin.


It was also released as an ultra-limited edition 7" vinyl single for those who like their music on a groovy plastic thing with a hole in the middle. We made only 40 copies of this special hand-made limited-edition, with each record cut in real time by an experienced engineer on quality heavyweight vinyl, individually numbered and finished off with a hand-embossed sky-blue and silver sleeve.


Click the buy button on our Bandcamp player to grab yourself a copy.

New and unreleased

Down in Yon Forest, also known as the Corpus Christi Carol, is a medieval magical ballad which forms the basis of this wild and shimmering freakout. Beginning with Rebsie's harp and building with layers of bell-like 12-string guitar from Marvin, the effect is dramatic and deeply magical.

This song is a taster track from our forthcoming album, Like A Delicate Psychedelicat.


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